Sunday, April 28, 2013

SB2013 Part 2: Lopez Island

For Spring Break this year (back in early March) we flew out west to Seattle and headed north. We had planned a few day bike adventure in Canada and the San Juan Islands. Here are a few pictures from the second half: on Lopez Island! We stayed in Daisy's family cabin in the woods. Comfy, cozy, and out of the rain. We spent the day riding around Lopez and enjoying the two coffee shops.

Hiking at Watmough Point Park

A nice inlet - Watmough Bay, presumably

The happy couple

Reading in the cold cabin - before the fire was going

Delicious 'Italian dipping chocolate'

Sunset back in Bham

Readin' the paper
... And then we flew back to PA and returned to the Spring semester. But the best news is that summer is coming up soon, and we have some great adventures planned!


  1. greetings daisy and jason,
    i'm donnie. my honey susan and i are going to ride the SC from Vancover to SD next month.


    question: we're setting up our blog on Blogger, as you did. question: how did you configure it to allow Facebook comments to your posts ? thanks !

    our blog will be:

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