Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bikes Back!

Ah, finally, the bikes are all unpacked and we can take rides in State College! It took a couple weeks to ship them across the country, but last week Daisy picked them up from our local bike shop. You can see her below, riding her cargo bicycle (Xtracycle) to bring the two bikes home. Wow! (She sure knows how to haul stuff!)

Daisy transports two bicycles by bicycle!
An excellent example of 'random stuff we find' that is
then transported by bicycle.

Actually, I'm consistently impressed by the stuff Daisy hauls around -- a friend with suitcases heading to the bus stop, Jimmy's bags/boxes that he is moving across town, and random stuff we find. As she was loading the bikes on her bike a guy walked by and commented "That is what pick-up trucks are for." Well, sir, that is what cargo bicycles are for! Maybe you've seen those bumper stickers around that say 'my other x is a y,' we need one that says 'my other bike is a bike'!

Our garden in mid-July... needless to say we got a late start!

p.s.- We look forward to moving across town in two weeks - by bicycle! Maybe ~10 trips with the xtra and another bike with a trailer? We'll see!

Bonus photo: A squirrel takes a bagel from the 833 house. I've long been a promoter of
shutting the doors. Now I can add this to my list along with the skunk, possums, etc.

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  1. That is an awesome photo - bike tows bike. I've transported bikes by bike before, but the bikes being moved were Montagues, which are folding bikes. So they fit in the trailer, just like any other kind of cargo. But that's one impressive set up.