Friday, August 10, 2012

Moving by Bicycle

When I quickly agreed with Daisy's idea to move across town by bicycle, I probably didn't know what I was getting myself into. However, I must say it was exciting and fun, and I didn't expect to earn 2 free massages!

One of our first loads.
Most of our trips involved Daisy's extracycle, with weight loaded as low as possible (for balance), and my commuter bike with a children's trailer attached. We borrowed the trailer from our friend Chris, who uses it for collecting random items. (We had ordered a bike trailer which could carry up to 200 lbs., but unfortunately it was on back order and didn't arrive in time.)

 Our route was about 1.5 miles long and crossed Atherton at my favorite spot: Foster Ave. This is a great spot to cross Atherton St. because there is a double crosswalk with flashing lights to gather cars' attention. What makes it my favorite spot, though, is that some drivers feel outraged that they have to slow down or stop for people walking across the street (as if they never saw the flashing lights...). Silly people.

Our new place is in a quieter section of town, and we have about 4x the space for the same price. Awesome. ... Even better: it is walking distance to Daisy's work so she can take the puppy easily. (that's another story)

Oh, and the massages! During one trip a guy ran out onto the street and asked us to stop for a minute. He said that he and his wife had been watching us and were excited about our move. So, they gave us 2 gift certificates for a 1 hour massage. Sweet. We really should schedule that appointment soon!
Futon. For the large items we needed to attach the trailer to the xtracycle
to get a larger carrying surface.

Futon frame. That is our new place in the background.

We ran into our friend Lori, who was conveniently riding a Brompton folding bicycle, for contrast.


  1. Excellent, friends! So glad it went well and that someone was able to support you in your efforts. Get those massages scheduled, and enjoy your new place!

  2. Jason's parents arrived the first weekend of August expecting to load up the van for several trips across town. We were surprised! We arrived on College Ave. just as the mattress was on the bike for the last trip across town. We returned to load a chest of drawers in the van to take back home. While there we did a quick check; we discovered the toaster still at the old home and had to convince Jason it was okay for the toaster to ride in the car to the new place, rather than on a bike!

  3. You guys have the greatest stories. Congrats on the cross country and keep posting.